Congratulations to the Linneborn Prize Winner 2023!


Professor Dr. Suani T. Coelho

Institute  of  Energy and Environment,
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil


The prize is awarded to Professor Coelho for her consisted excellence for over 25 years in studies of sustainable energy processes including biological, chemical and thermochemical conversion processes of biomass, biomass waste and municipal solid waste. Moreover she was active in the area of implementation and energy policies research and national and international overview studies  on renewable and sustainable energy production from biomass and waste. Specially her work on different generations of sugar cane conversion to ethanol and the (co)production of other energy carriers such as bio-methane, bio-diesel charcoal, hydrogen, syngas etc. were highly significant both for Brazil and worldwide. She showed a deep understanding of and clear visions on the potential but equally on the environmental impact and limits of bioenergy. She used her competence and knowledge  to the benefit of São Paulo, Brazil and worldwide including important attention for developing countries.

Especially of importance in this respect were her comparative studies on the influence of different  energy polices in various countries and regions. Suani is highly valued as a consultant/ member of important committees, national and international advisory boards, working groups and large projects. 


The Chairman of the Linneborn Committee is David Chiaramonti, Polytechnic of Turin, Italy

Should you need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Angela Grassi