Congratulations to the Linneborn Prize Winner 2022!


Dr. Ingwald Obernberger

Prof. Univ. -Doz. Dipl.- Ing. Dr. Ingwald Obernberger

University of Graz Austria

and Director of BIOS BIOENERGYSYSTEME GmbH Graz Austria


The prize is awarded to Ingwald Obernberger for his consistent excellence for over 30 years in pioneering research, development and management of implementation and promotion of bioenergy via modern  and environmentally safe thermochemical conversion processes: combustion, gasification and pyrolysis. An important focus was among others on fundamental studies, development and innovations of close-to-zero emission biomass combustion on different scales. All the key challenges to reach this ideal were extensively treated in his work like economics, feedstock characterization, ashes and their useful applications, particles and dust, NOx, CO, advanced modeling, advanced  process control etc.. He successfully combined his knowledge on these areas from his ongoing industrial experience with fundamental insights  and creative ideas from his continuous academic activities. This approach was also successfully followed in his many other developments such as small and medium scale combined heat and power generation and their integration in other systems of modern sustainable energy generation.


The Chairman of the Linneborn Committee is David Chiaramonti, Polytechnic of Turin, Italy

Should you need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Angela Grassi